Sitka Spruce of Kodiak Island

Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis), known also as tideland spruce or coastal spruce, is the largest of the world's spruces.  Generally found near tidewater, where moist maritime air and summer fogs help to maintain humid conditions necessary for growth, it makes Kodiak Island an ideal environment for this beautiful tree to thrive.

Wild-harvested  in Kodiak, Alaska.
Distilled via hydro/steam distillation in a handcrafted copper-alembic still.

Experience the beauty of Kodiak’s Sitka Spruce
• wild harvested and locally distilled • 
Sitka Spruce Pure Essential Oil & Hydrosol

kodiak island WILD HARVESTED
sitka spruce essential oil

Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis) oil is a wonderful pain reliever, anti-inflammatory,
decongestant, deodorant, anti-fungal and anti-rheumatic.
It is energetically protective and grounding.
Hydro/steam distillation process, using fresh needles and small branches.

Shelf life is approximately 4-5 years.

​sitka spruce HYDROSOL Therapeutic Benefits

 • Effective antiseptic
 • Anti-inflammatory
 • Can help respiratory issues
 • Cold & flu support
 • Assists in relieving rheumatism and muscle pains
 • Reduces swelling and bruising

 Energetic Benefits

• Assists in finding your courage when facing difficult tasks
• Protective and uplifting as well as grounding
• Connects crown and root chakra

• Connects heaven and earth
• Helps us learn about fearlessness

Storage: When not in use, store in a cool dark place. A constant temperature is recommended. 

Sitka Spruce is an excellent resipratory/ cold/flu aid and is effective against pain, rheumatism & inflammation.  

Diffuse • steam 
One of our favorites ways to use hydrosol is as a steam in our Alaskan banya.  No banya?  You can enjoy the same benefits by adding to your diffuser, bath or a hot washcloth.

Add to diffuser, or blend 1/4 cup with your banya or bath water.  Or try spraying on a hot washcloth and inhale deeply.  Most importantly - ENJOY!
sitka spruce hydrosol
Sitka Spruce offers antiseptic properties and can be helpful in reducing bruising and swelling.  Spray or rub on your skin to find relief from a variety of skin issues.

Use as a facial toner, or apply to irritated skin for relief.
This beautiful tree offers a wide variety of benefits.  We are passionate and committed to sustainable and respectful harvesting, always.

Kodiak Island, Alaska

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